Sunday, March 21, 2010

ile that may be the case in some, i see a little bit past that now. How many times have you seen your favorite metal/deathcore/indie band and been too fa
rdcore/punk has so much spirit that i've never seen in a stadium, or big time band. It's real, raw and's in your face and aggressive. But most
y security!

Yes for some it may be a trend, but to others it's a movement...yes i still love metal, indie, electronic, old school music, but all this ha

of all it's a connection, and that's we've all been missing in this music scene for a long time.
is it?!?! I can't get near miley cyrus without getting shot, i can't get in aaron lewis' face and scream his lyrics back to him without getting tackled b
in and hurried away to their tour bus? Alot of our favorite bands have become so big that some of us feel that seeing them isn't the same as it was befor
o with a band. They want passion, a story, something to stand for...not lyrics about raping a dead body, or meaningless breakdowns.