Sunday, March 21, 2010

ile that may be the case in some, i see a little bit past that now. How many times have you seen your favorite metal/deathcore/indie band and been too fa
rdcore/punk has so much spirit that i've never seen in a stadium, or big time band. It's real, raw and's in your face and aggressive. But most
y security!

Yes for some it may be a trend, but to others it's a movement...yes i still love metal, indie, electronic, old school music, but all this ha

of all it's a connection, and that's we've all been missing in this music scene for a long time.
is it?!?! I can't get near miley cyrus without getting shot, i can't get in aaron lewis' face and scream his lyrics back to him without getting tackled b
in and hurried away to their tour bus? Alot of our favorite bands have become so big that some of us feel that seeing them isn't the same as it was befor
o with a band. They want passion, a story, something to stand for...not lyrics about raping a dead body, or meaningless breakdowns.


ot worry about not getting into the show that night.

Point is...alot of kids are gettting tired of going to the show and not having anything to relate t

s, and i am glad to say that even at that height, i still feel a connection, i can still approach a member and have an insightful conversation, and can n
e. What happened to the connection we once felt??? It's been lost in fame, massive crowds, and arrogance. I've seen a few of hardcore's most popular band
r away to even feel connected with the band? How many times have you met a musician from one of these bands and they just gave away a quick jot on a napk
vor of hardcore shows and more insightful music. Some have been critical on these people as simple followers of the next big trend in our scene....and wh
-if you understand how i feel, then sing with me-

As of lately, it seems people have been dropping out of their local metal/deathcore/indie scenes in fa

Monday, March 15, 2010

-daft aphex-

Seems as of lately soom little boy has been getting my girlfriend into a lot of electronic/dance/trip-hop. Seemingly, i have heard and liked a number of electronic music for some time now( aphex twin, post-90's radiohead, nine inch nails, tricky, the prodigy)...but as of lately my ears have been opened to this unnatural, anti-organic music once again. I have strayed from this digital realm mostly because i don't like the idea of not being able to naturally reproduce a song of that type. Though i love alot of that music despite its tiring repetition, i am contemplating a way to somehow mesh the style of randomnized song writing into my style of writing...i guess we'll see how that turns out.

Friday, March 12, 2010

-Have ever-

Have you ever felt so alone in a room filled with people?have you ever wanted something so bad but never got it? This world is hard to understand yes, but it seems like music is becoming more and more complicated. Not on a technical level, but on a level to attain simple's to even make a decent practice happen, it's hard to find a drummer, musicians, anything to make a band work. This band is not dead yet, it's simply going to be on hiatus, make no big plans, play when we can...practice when we can. Something about this band always gets us held back, i've been there, done that. I'm not giving up just yet, but i'm gonna take a step back, on but slowly. We'll get things done, with time i suppose.

The ep will be released, either by our label or diy, but it will be released regardless. Seems like this genre is dead to me, i don't think i'll be writing new material any time soon. Check out new projects and bands, from matt and myself as matt will probably recruit young bloods and start something more me i am uncertain with alot of things, but one thing is for sure is that i'm not giving up on music. Not now and not ever.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

-Again, and again, and again once more-

There somethings that are timeless, metalcore is not one of them. But yet some people are still stuck in that era.. I hope it never ever makes a comeback!
Anyway, i think it's sad how some people think they're big sh*t once they get signed...not even to a big label and all of a sudden bam, f*ck the world. I have nothing against people that drink or smoke, but i hate it when people refer to those who don't as," the edge kid", or some stupid label like that. You don't see us referring to all of you as, " the kid who gets drunk every night", or "the pill popper"... I swear you try and get along with everyone but there's always something or someone that wants to hate you for anything.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

olution i'd hoped for so long. It's a slow beast, but it's gaining strength.
ng out...houston, me something worthwhile. I feel good about what's going on in music, ear's are being opened to new things..this is the rev
ver heard of it...oh yeah it's the capitol of texas. Pretentious? I think so, but not for good reason.

San antonio's breaking out, south texas is breaki

ure...i see bands these days are seperating themselves more and more from simply doing one style, but mixing genres and making something beautiful... No
ea of the US are breaking out of a box that we were pigeon holed in, a city that was known for making lackluster music, typical rubbage...austin? I've ne
i'm not talking about " metalcore", "jazz punk" or any sub genre...but just making pure music, one that can't be defined. All the musicians in my own ar
ardcore band, maybe the aesthetic if it is, but to me it's just music. It's hard to define how i see music, and maybe i can explain it one day in the fut
th, the idea of "true love", brotherhood(not the band), my own death, the afterlife, flying in some cases? I don't really believe we're anywhere near a h
usic will be more elaborate, less in one genre and more in it's own state of mind. My feelings on the world and my life keep expanding, i think about dea
hem to his own experiences, memories, or dreams. This new set of music is another step forward,(or backward?) from where we were a few months ago...the m
e out to be.

Being the sentimental guy that i am, i tend to write my music based on feeling and memories i have, matt then takes the songs and relates t

ast or present, good or bad. It takes me back to times when the world seemed good, promising..before we all realized that the world isn't what it was mad
-What I choose is my choice-

The world as we know it messed reason i love music so much is because it takes me to different places and times, p

Friday, February 26, 2010

So here we are, on the verge of God only knows what. It seems like everyone and their mom is actually trying to do big things with their bands...i remember when no one gave a rat's you know what about recordings, merch, equipment. Thing have changed and for the best. I firmly believe that san antonio is going to produce some amazing talent. We got results who's recording as i type this, in fact lorenzo's tracking drums and i'm holding his bass drum from moving with my feet.
Funny right? List of bands? I got it right here:
Triumph over shipwreck is the next big thing, i can't wait to hear their new recordings, results has already been on a few tours this year and the past, lonestar driveby has unlimited potential, illustrations seems to be attracting fans of all different genres....i could go on and on. Hope of divine mercy should be a band again, just a word of advice adriane if you read this. The scene needs to unite, bring music together like it should be.
I love all of you, let's make a name for san antonio...a good one. History is in the making, music needs it's place...i'm tired of people being brainwashed by what's on the radio, open your ears and minds to something beyond ke$ha, slipknot, and gucci mane. (Haha gucci mane)

We got to get out their and share our hearts with the world, blast our speakers through the hard walls of your heart! Pound the drums hard enough to shake your soul! Substance is severely lacking...girls just wanna shake their behinds to jim jones and the guys want to watch.